5 tips to a healthier Christmas

  1. Stress less – As we rush to finish off those last minute work tasks before our offices close for the Christmas holidays, it can be hard to switch from work mode to holiday mode. But an important part of staying healthy over the Christmas holidays, is to reduce the stress. So stop checking emails and shelve those tasks for later.
  2. Stay fighting fit – When our work year is finally over, many of us often feel quite worn out. Being tired means that our immune systems are sometimes compromised and many of us often find ourselves coming down with various ailments. To keep the bugs at bay, make sure that you eat a healthy diet, stay well hydrated and wash your hands frequently!
  3. Don’t be a couch potato – Lazy mornings leading to leisurely afternoons are the best part of the Christmas holidays. But to stay healthy and avoid becoming couch-bound, make sure you include at least one activity a day that gets your heart rate up. Why not try rounding up the family and walking off that Christmas pudding.
  4. Wake up sleepy head – Just like the urge to spend hours on the couch, many of us use our Christmas break to enjoy long sleep-ins to compensate for the late nights. But going to bed late and sleeping in disrupts your normal sleeping patterns and can cause you to crash and burn from fatigue. Stick to your normal sleeping hours as much as possible to ensure you wake up feeling refreshed.
  5. Tis the season of giving back – Christmas is not just about spending lots of money to buy gifts for everyone. Sometimes doing a good deed for someone can be better than a present. So why not invite an acquaintance, that has no family, over for Christmas dinner or take some food to an elderly neighbour you know might be lonely. Helping others makes you feel good about yourself which is great for your mental health.

Hope these tips help you have a healthy festive season!