eCLOSER – Improve Team Effectiveness

What is eCLOSER?

An award winning, customisable, digital role play platform, allowing real time feedback on customer interactions in a realistic and engaging environment. The eCLOSER web app runs on tablets, mobile phones or laptops and is now available to support MSLs as well as sales teams.

How does it work?

  • Prior to the start of the eCLOSER session, participants are briefed on key competencies for assessing the customer interaction
  • Participants (MSLs or Sales Representatives) work in pairs, one observing while the other interacts with the customer
  • Customers are played by Medical Directors, Medical Managers or other relevant Business Managers
  • At the end of the visit the customer scores each pre-defined competency in the eCLOSER app and has the opportunity, along with the observer, to provide constructive feedback on the interaction

MSLs/Sales Representatives can track their improvement over the course of the session to identify strengths and areas for development

Feedback from eCLOSER participant…

“The role plays were amongst the most realistic I have been involved with as they capture strategy along with the process. The scenarios were great too – a real mix that led to some good interactions.”