5 Reasons to refresh your market research

Market research is not a one-off activity. Keep your finger on the pulse by conducting research in ongoing cycles. Here are some important reasons why: Know your customers The key to successful marketing is understanding customer attitudes and behaviours. Ongoing… Read more

Recycle and revitalise!

Give your messaging a new lease of life Tips for re-purposing your existing materials Re-purpose existing materials, increase return on investment and give your messaging a new lease of life. Create a Meeting in a Box from a key publication… Read more

Pulse 180˚ Coaching Survey

What is Pulse 180˚? Pulse 180˚ is a survey sent out to all relevant managers/coaches and coachees on a regular basis to evaluate the coaching culture across your organisation: Rating:Pulse 180˚ allows the coachees to rate the coaching skills and behaviours… Read more