Pulse 180˚ Coaching Survey

What is Pulse 180˚?

Pulse 180˚ is a survey sent out to all relevant managers/coaches and coachees on a regular basis to evaluate the coaching culture across your organisation:

  • Rating:Pulse 180˚ allows the coachees to rate the coaching skills and behaviours of their coach
  • Self-reflection:Pulse 180˚ enables the coach to ‘self-reflect’ by rating themselves on how well they supported their coachees
  • Delivery:Pulse 180˚ reveals how the coaches are delivering on each skill or behaviour across the company

A unique survey link is emailed to the coachees (to rate their coach) and the manager/coach (for self-assessment). The survey can be completed on any mobile device and questions can be customised.

How are the results reported?

Once coachees and managers/coaches have completed their surveys, a PDF report is sent to their supervising manager to initiate one on one coaching conversations. The report contains three measures for each question in the survey:

  • Team: scores given by the manager/coach’s own team
  • Manager: scores given by manager/coach
  • Company: the average score across the entire company

For more information on Pulse 180°, please contact us.