Over the last decade Allori has developed a range of SaaS products including eFFECTIV Coach, eFFECTIV Path, eCloser, and our Market Research Platform.

We have over ten years’ experience in coaching and are now working across more than 30 countries and servicing global healthcare accounts. Not only do we provide a SaaS product, we can also help you with analysis, development and refinement of your rubric (competency framework), training and consulting.

eFFECTIV Coach is an affordable, proven, and robust SaaS product used by many global pharmaceutical companies. Given our experience we can now implement a full system, including training, in just four weeks.

eFFECTIV Coach can be entirely administered internally, reducing the reliance and cost of external companies. While we are available to help at any time, the system is designed to be managed by administrators and includes a rich suite of reports to help companies manage and improve their programs.

To help you start, we will provide the following free of charge for the first month of launch:
• Free Platform License Fee;
• Free training for up to three training sessions a week during the first month, with recorded sessions made freely available: and
• Free training of your administrators, including instruction on loading rubrics and registering users.

As coaching is one of Allori’s core products, we continually enhance the product by releasing new features on an ongoing basis. As we want to support your Coaching performance, we make these upgrade features available for free to all our licences. This means that you will always have the latest software. Contact us today for a free trial.